The Wilderness Downtown: A Chrome Experiment

The Wilderness Downtown is an amazing "Chrome experiment" that uses some of the new capabilities in HTML5 to present you with an interactive piece that may leave you pensively reminiscing about youthful sprints through your old neighborhood.

It also presents us with a very fascinating look at what can be done with HTML5. This interactive feature will run in Firefox, but for speed and ease-of-use it is preferred that you use Chrome.

Enter the address of a home that you grew up in, sit back, and enjoy!

Here are some screenshots, notice the use of Google's API to allow the use of Google Maps and street-view-

What's really cool, is that it asks you to write a post-card. If you choose to send it in, it will be printed at one of the live shows for the band who created the music for this piece, Arcade Fire.

The post-cards print out of a machine that converts the digital post-card into an analog paper post-card which can be planted and from which a tree will grow.

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Tags: arcade, art, chrome, experiment, fire, google, html5, interactive, street-view

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