Monday, 10 September 2001 (day before 9/11)

Though I find most advertising that references a tragic event to be pretty distasteful, I also believe that when done in the right manner it can actually be not only respectful but powerful. In this older campaign for the newspaper Cape Times, these ads remind us that our lives can change in an instant and make us appreciate the simple experiences in our everyday lives.

Sunday, 5 August 1956 (day before Hiroshima)

Tuesday, 15 June 1976 (day before ‘76 Soweto riots)

Thursday, 21 November 1963 (day before JFK's assassination)

Ad campaign by Lowe Bull agency. Also, check out Cape Time's newest campaign titled Different Angles. Both are pretty brilliant.

Via Cherry Flavor

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  • This is a nice series but something about the advertising aspect just seems to cheapen it somehow.
  • Powerful yes... but I still think it touches on the distasteful.

    "This mother and baby were blown up by the Americans the next day! you should read the newspaper!" ... not very sensitive.
  • WOW!
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