The Zenvo ST1 is unlike any supercar on the market today. Built by the Danish car company, Zenvo, the car comes equipped to do battle with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Take a look at these staggering stats: Engine: 7.0 Liter turbocharged, supercharged V8 Output: 1,104 Horsepower 0-60 times: 3 seconds Top Speed: electronically limited to a mere 233 mph Total cars planned to be produced: 15 That's right, better reserve your ST1 now, because they might not be available for long. Price: If you have to ask, you can't afford one.

Personally I like the last pic, looks like the ST1 is going to eat you... You can check out their website here.
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  • how many MPG? lol
  • I think it just made a pass at me ..
  • @ Annie: A cool million bucks. Better start searching the couch pockets for change!
  • only 15 that's incredible. i think there are 98 enzos left
    wired article of the same:
  • just out of curiosity, (and obviously I can't afford it,) how much?
  • 233mph? This thing is a mean looking beast!
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