Maddie the Coonhound Standing on Things (Part 3)

Back in August, we (sadly) thought that this project was coming to a completion. However, we were happy to discover that photographer Theron Humphrey just can't keep his dog, Maddie, away from the camera! And so, Maddie on Things continues to be a popular project in which Humphrey and coonhound Maddie collaborate to create unique and entertaining portraits.

From coast to coast and everywhere in between, owner and pet have seen all 50 of the United States and have found many funny scenarios in which to feature Maddie. She seems happy with all kinds of adventures, and we see her perched on top of fire hydrants, tucked into the shelves of a giant bookshelf, and even snuggled up under a fluffy blanket. Here are a few new photographs from the series in which the duo are staying busy with some fun holiday-themed shots, including a selection of Maddie's Halloween costume choices, a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner, and several Christmas concepts that help to celebrate the holiday season. If you are as in love with Maddie as we are, many of the prints can be purchased on the Maddie on Things website, here.

Theron Humphrey’s website
Maddie On Things

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