Surreal Scenes of African Animals Playfully Living Life

Hakuna Matata is a lighthearted series created by Paris-based photographer Thomas Subtil. The surreal images feature African animals playfully living by the motto "Hakuna Matata" or "no worries" and going about life without a care in the world. In the photographs, Subtil transforms typical African landscapes into unexpected and imaginative new realities that will just blow viewers' minds!

The artist describes each concept as "the real life of African wild animals"—at least these are what he imagines life to be when people aren't looking. He uses digital manipulation to produce the striking black and white compositions, which involve moments where an elephant does a tightrope walk between two trees, a zebra floats through the air with a balloon tied to his tail, and two giraffes do their daily chores, hanging the laundry out to dry. Who knew all of these animals had such incredible hidden talents!

Thomas Subtil's website
via [UFunk]

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