Tibi Tibi Neuspiel certainly turns ‘playing with your food’ into a collection of powerful statements. The artist, who works with all types of media ranging from sculpture to performance art, is best known for his humorous wax sculptures. According to his bio, “Neuspiel references both tangible understandings of the natural world, and elements culled from popular culture chosen for, or repurposed to present, subtly sinister qualities.”

In this toast collection, Neuspiel uses a variety of mixed media, including oil paint and beeswax, to create each scene. He takes a very plain breakfast food and combines it with everyday items such as books and DVDs to create cultural references through sculptures. The artist evokes emotional response by featuring memorable moments in US history. Viewers are confronted with a bloody bullet in the head of JFK paired with the portrait of Oswald; the moldy face of OJ Simpson in contrast with Nicole Brown and a black glove sandwiched in between the two; and a trashcan filled with the face of Adolf Hitler.

If you are looking for a little bit of an easier way to add some fun to your breakfast toast, you can check out these funny food face ideas by Sayaka Minemura.

Tibi Tibi Neuspiel’s website
via [Sweet-Station]
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  • I think I totally agree! They evoke a conflict of emotions. While I found them extremely interesting to write about, they definitely have a bit of shock value to them.

  • not sure how i feel about these... lots of shock value.

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