I was talking to Sam today and I saying, "You know, it would be fun to have some sort of trademark. Maybe I'll buy some funky tights." And then, I saw these. As you can tell by our MMM chandelier, I'm into that kind of design but I'm just not sure if I'd wear it on my leg. So I'm asking for your help. Too cool or "Alice, you'll be looking like a fool"? Straight from Israel and sold on etsy Oh and one more thing...am I too old to wear these?

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  • me likey! also, tattoo sleeves are nice; same concept as the tights, but a shirt.
  • Socks--er, I gotta go no. The tights on the other hand . . . Though I'm not fond of the white background--really, who looks good in white tights unless they're 7 and in a ballet recital? -- I love how suberversive these tights would be with an otherwise buttoned-up black suit.
  • ... Unless you're a Suicide Girl.
  • Lookin like a fool, and yes- unless you're dressing up like pippi longstockings for Halloween next year...
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