The Park: For the Days You Just Want to Go Outside and Get Some Sun

What better way to brighten a day than by seeing some interesting desktop wallpaper? We get to transport ourselves into another world for a few brief seconds - where life is simple and workloads are non-existent. So we hope you enjoy these ten we picked out from the website Desk City. The website is in Chinese but don't worry - just find your resolution and it's a quick download from there. Enjoy!

Pretty in Pink: For the Days You Just Want to Feel in Love

Well, Hello Ladies!: For the Days You Want to Remember How God Can Create Some Beautiful Things

Ms. Batman: For the Days You Feel Like a Badass Superhero

Cheese World: For the Days When Living on a Cheese World Seems Much More Appealing Than Living in This World

Damn I Need to Start Reading: For the Gentle Reminder to Keep Your New Year Resolutions Alive

Hot Air Balloon: To Remember That Life Can Be Pretty Simple

Raving Rabbids: 'Cause These Buggy-Eyed Little Guys Always Seem to Make you Laugh

Disney Characters: 'Cause Donald Never Looked So Badass

Fireworks: 'Cause Fireworks Shouldn't Only Be Enjoyed During Holidays, Damn It!

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  • How bout underneath the tree on the right? Looks like two boys making out. This is one liberal wallpaper image!
  • HA I would've never noticed. Bad kids!

    I love me some Rabbids! Thank you thank you for this awesome pic. Saved to my desktop.

    The pic with Disney characters is for the Squaresoft (now Square Enix) RPG video game Kingdom Hearts.
  • @go faster - looks like they are playing "lawnmower" but yeah..that doesn't really look right. :)
  • Love the Raving Rabbids, hilarious.
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