1st stop: POP BURGER 58-60 9th Ave (near 15th St.)

This hip and trendy burger joint is also a bar/club/lounge. Thank god for hookups— we walked in and were seated at a table with plush red-velvet couches. Everything was free: burgers, fries, beer, juice, and an entire bottle of vodka. The economics of it is this: there’s always a handful ballers who are willing to drop a couple grand for a party, but when they walk in, there needs to be a ‘scene’. so the manager asks friends to help pack the place, and in return for being a part of the ‘scene’ (which impresses the ballers and encourages them to come back again to spend more money), we get everything for free! hollaaaaa. :D


2nd stop: Greenhouse 150 Varick St (near Vandam)

"NYC’s first 'eco-friendly' club— the sound system is wind-powered, the walls sustainable bamboo, the light bulbs LED, the staff wears ecofriendly garb designed by Bono’s wife, and even their vodka is organic. Greenhouse also impresses with a swanky interior: ceilings are attractively adorned with plant leaves, 5000 individually-hung crystals, and are meant to invoke a rolling landscape, giving Greenhouse an almost trippy Alice in Wonderland vibe."
Can’t believe this place was packed to the brim on a Tuesday night! Total ‘models and bottles’ scene: they pack the ‘unsold’ tables with girls for the guys who wanna buy bottles. Music was awesome, and everyone looked amazing! Make sure you go in with a promoter, unless you wanna pay an exorbitant amount of money or deal with asshole bouncers (who once didn’t let a girl in because she wasn’t “cute” enough).

3rd stop: 1OAK 453 W 17th St (btwn 9th & 10th Ave)

"Thank owners Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano of the restaurant ‘Butter’ for contributing to the chic New York nightlife scene that’s contingent on places being impossible to get into. Or, hate them for it. But if you want to party at this ostrich leather-lined lounge, your best bet is to act and dress the part. Once inside, you’ll find a black-and-white checkered dancefloor, and the typical banquets on which to sit—if your group’s inclined to drop a grand or so on table service, that is."
This is the spot. With clientele like Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, and Miranda Kerr… this place is known to be one of NYC’s hottest nightclub. You cannot get in without ‘knowing someone’, and luckily my friend was a nightlife pro. I was dancing the night away, then all of a sudden they introduced Jeremih on-stage and he performed “Birthday Sex” LIVE! This happened like.. out of nowhere. That song has been one of my favorites since its release! What an EPIC night.

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Comment by Eugene on June 18, 2009 at 7:34pm
Awesome post!! Great review of NYC nightlife! Look forward to seeing more of your posts!!!

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