What do you get when you combine some of the funkiest fashion blogs around? Well, my friends, you get Streetstyl.es. Combining all the street style fashions from around the world, you'll be flipping through page after page thinking about how great it is that people are expressing their own individuality. The best part about these sites? That it's not a high priced model you're looking at, it's real people who have just a damn good sense of style (or at least the attitude to pull it off).

So if you like the Satoralist and you want to get inspired to create your own fun and funky look, check out streetstyl.es
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  • nice! ohh that reminds me.. annie what was the name of the designer we were talking about? the one alice recommended?
  • @Annie They basically import the latest entries of the top fashion websites and blogs and then display each blog's last nine images. The images are refreshed about once an hour, with the most updated blog up at the top. They carefully select which street style blog they want on their site.

    And yes...you totally should be up there! :)
  • lol =P really?
  • cool....luv it when people get creative with their style.

    how exactly does this site work? they use stumble to collect the different fashion photos?
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