Vanity Fair knows that when you put together the world's best photographers with the most beautiful actresses and models of our time, you get photos that leave you speechless. What Vanity Fair does so well is let their photographers have free reign; by letting them control their space, the viewer gets to see beautiful moments that look effortless in the making.

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  • I wonder what Angelina is thinking ...
  • To see the images of 2 of my cousins in the top 10 - WOW!! (I checked - they both remember the photos. What a compliment to both to be chosen for the top 10 most beautiful women of all time. And, no - fraternal nor maternal side scored higher than the other - there's one from each side. These are very old photos tho - one looks like she was about 14 at the time and the other may have been in high school also.

    Thanks for posting this Alice!
  • i see what your saying "iman charles" & the photo itself isnt lacking. Its just as "kara" said, her face isn't really cutting it, and thats not necessarily a bad thing because it is due to her age. But to put her amongst many of these fresh younger faces, she doesn't measure up.
  • wow- I think they all look gorgeous- but my least favorite is Pam Anderson. I really pull for her- but she's just looking old and haggard in the face lately.
  • I think Pamela is great it has a certain seduction derieved from the glows from the sunset i think if u look at it long enough u will see wat am sayin'
  • love January Jones (mad men BONUS)
    ...not really feeling Pamela. She has jumped the shark.....and after i think the shark ate her.
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