Multidisciplinary artist Victorine Müller has been utilizing her adept skills in sculpting intriguing structures for years. Unlike your typical sculpture that stands alone, drawing the gaze of viewers on its own construct, Müller's work incorporates an element of performance art. The Swiss artist herself enters each of her life-size clear plastic bubble sculptures, giving the pieces new life and transforming the feel of each installation.

By combining performance art and sculpting, Müller offers a new way of engaging audiences with otherwise ordinary structures. While she does not directly interact with spectators as she sits or stands serenely within the confines of her PVC figures, there is certainly a change in the atmosphere of an art exhibition when another living person is calmly staring back at you from inside plastic bubble shaped like a giant elephant.

What's perhaps most arresting about Müller's work, besides the artist encasing herself within her chosen medium, is the spirit she manages to embody. By opting to often use the shape of animals, the multifaceted artist also draws a connection to the animal kingdom. It's as if she is channeling her spirit animal each time she enters one of her clear beasts.

Selected works by Müller are currently on display as part of the group exhibition titled Wild at Heart through December 29th at Zone Contemporaine Oliver Fahrni in Bern, Switzerland

Victorine Müller website
via [Beautiful Decay, designboom]

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