1963: Tania Mallet (Photo by John French)

As Coco Chanel once stated, "“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” In this set of photographs we look back in time to see how women used to dress, how glamour wasn't just a word mentioned during special occasions but one that symbolized everyday life. Adorned in statement hats, pearls and furs, these pictures show us just how beautiful, classic and glamorous a woman can be.

1960 Vogue

50's Dior - Mark Shaw

October 1956: Vogue

LIFE - Photo by Nina Leen

1951 Anita Ekberg (LIFE)

Aug 1950 (1950)

Oct 1952 - Photo by Gordon Parks (LIFE)

October 1956 - Vogue

Jean Patchett

May 1955 Vogue

1957 Dior Paris (LIFE)
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  • I have such an appreciation for the fashion of yesteryear. These photos are certainly a gift!

  • so chic!
  • this one ain't 50's but it rocks too
  • I love the look and feel of the 50's fashion photos.

  • so so so beautiful!! i love this time period! seriously--"where'd the glam go?!"
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