Neatorma showed us this cool way to visualize just how many of you fine folks visit us each day. Lately, our traffic has been massive thanks to one superhero grandma. That means, if all of our visitors decided to meet, we would need four Texas stadiums to fill them all. (Each Texas stadium holds 100,000 people and we have 386K+ of you!) As their website states, "Audience of visualized. The picture above illustrates how many stadiums are needed to have enough room for visitors." Other Cool Facts: If were a country, it would be larger than the Bahamas. 1 in every 4,484 internet users visit daily. I still can't fathom it. Check out your (or your favorite) website, here. Sharenator
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  • WOW, it's awesome!
  • Woot woot!
  • Awesome!
  • uhhh. that's a lot of people!
  • thts awesome hats of to u guys
  • Sweet!
  • Congratulations on the success guys. However, that is not Texas stadium and the Longhorns play here in Austin not Dallas. It's kind of odd that they got the visuals so wrong.
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