Bến Tre, Vietnam-based deviantART user vnarts shares some truly spectacular eggshell sculptures that have been transformed into unique lamps. The meticulously carved chicken eggs feature a variety of subjects that include anything from beautiful Vietnam landscapes and portraits of iconic figures to abstract designs and patterns. Each egg is fitted with tiny LED lights, allowing them to glow from within in a multitude of colors.

The artist, who says that he has only been creating these stunning works of art for the past year, has already amassed quite the collection of eggshell sculptures. Using a tiny drill, acquired from his dentist friend, he manages to etch intricate images into each egg. Landscapes generally take the artist 3 hours to complete while portraits can take up to a couple of days to master. The crafty sculptor's website, called Điêu khắc miền tây (roughly translated as Western Sculptures), is filled with the artist's amazing works.

Điêu khắc miền tây website
vnarts on deviantART
via [Neatorama]

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  • Bought 1 for my boyfriend, gotta say it's the best purchase I've ever made

  • This is extraordinary art. I am deeply impressed with the delicate beauty of each and every one.

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