Truth be told, I'm a die hard internet junkie. Yes, I know that you've already guessed it...but me and the internet, well it's a mad love affair. That's why I'll only post on television shows or specials when I can honestly say that I can't wait to turn off my Mac (ok fine - put it in sleep mode). Jim Gaffigan is one of those comedians who really cracks me up. It's the way he takes our shared experiences and turns them into something we can all laugh about. So head on over to your tv and Tivo his special, King Baby, that's on March 29th - Comedy Central. You won't be sorry! (Isn't the poster just great?) The “King Baby” Trailer - featuring Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Dore, Todd Glass Obama Endorses Jim Gaffigan’s “King Baby” [Jim Gaffigan King Baby] [Myspace]
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  • I love Jim Gaffigan. The Pale Force cartoons on Conan are hilarious! And I think his Bring on the Pale was pretty funny too.
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