The picture above looks like the brave young man has fallen down from inferno straight through a fiery bellowing cloud. He's actually swimming in the sea, going underneath a rolling wave. These photographs have a vintage look to them. They make me feel somewhat nostalgic about something I've never even done free diving for example.

While most would choose colour photographs to document the underwater world, not surprising because the sea has beautiful colours to show, Wayne Levin predominantly uses black and white. Black and white photo's are not instantly beautiful. It takes a real eye in composition, great skill, and knowing what you want to tell through an image to "snap a good pic". These photographs prove that even within the boundaries of black and white, Wayne Levin has a colourful story to tell.

Levin currently lives in Hawaii. His art has been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. He has had numerous books published and has a couple of new ones coming up.

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  • the 2nd picture looks like the people in it are flying through clouds soo sic
  • agree - the composition to these are great. makes me feel calm. nice post, inka!
  • this makes me think of all the scary things under me when I'm surfing.
  • Outstanding post

    top two photos - thats what it's like when you just crossed the reef and enter the food chain
  • incredible photos...nice post!
  • Amazing! Love the use of B & W....
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