By floridapfe

In today's original post I thought we'd take a trip down memory lane. How do you remember your childhood? What memories do you hold near and dear to your heart? What these photographers have done, is capture the essence of childhood in one amazing shot. It's a beautiful moment frozen in time and one that we're sure both the photographer and the subject will remember forever.


By Thorpeland

By marc do

By marc do

By marc do

By isayx3

By Ronaldo F Cabuhat

By Alice Yoo

By ^riza^

By Seti

By FragmentaryBlue

By *scarabuss

By believer9

By comik book guy

By Amodiovalerio Verde

By sparth

By Reilly

By Reilly

By Reilly

By carf

By isayx3

By marco do

By Anthony Cain ©

By Gothina

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  • Reminds me of one shot my dad took at christmas when I was a kid. Beautiful bokeh effect with al the christmas lights and I had these big pink earrings. Lovely shots.
  • just amazing shots here... a new world of kids
  • excellent collection !!!!!!!!
  • They're all so adorable! I didn't spend as much time outdoors as a kid though. And all these pics remind me of my niece. <3

  • Such gorgeous photos. I hope all children are allowed to experience such pure bliss and happiness.
  • @Inka - That is my niece and my nephew in that picture. Good memory! :)
  • Aww so cute! Alice..thats your niece right? Is the little boy your cousin?
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