The answer? OK lookin bags but a sweet ad campaign. As the new face of Gucci’s UNICEF campaign, the “Tattoo Heart," Gucci will offer a line of special edition tattoo styled items, with 25% of the proceeds going directly to UNICEF from November 19, 2008 through January 31, 2009. While I'm not a big fan of hearts on bags (I mean, really, isn't this look a bit dated?) I love this chic ad campaign.

Of course, then again, Rihanna can do no harm in my book. Her fabulousity is unmatched! On a side note, I particularly loved this look from last year's VMAs. Pure hotness is pink!

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  • I'm with you .. Rihannna does no wrong, ever.
    But Kara's right - these bags look like they were hastily produced. The design is more fake Dooney & Burke + Ed Hardy in Bankok night market.
  • I really really detest this line. I think its watering down Gucci.
  • kind of seems like Gucci's going for the LV/Murakami marketing tactic: you're right...didn't quite workout. i would say it's pretty cool that they're donating some of the proceeds to UNICEF though...
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