My girl wants lots of little things and my parents got her most of that already (damn them!). so i'm stuck being the crappy bf that can't remember the million and one times she squeeled, "I WANT THAT" as we pass something by.she says she wants a "clutch" or "shoes" but how the hell am i suposed to pick that out? i'm a boy! i have no taste in fashion. and it's tacky to take her shopping for a present. we're saving for a trip, so we both agreed to not spend a lot. so now it has to be cheap and good!if you were/are a girl, what would you want?boys, how do you decide what to get? (besides the obvious)
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  • You're the man Eli, it's always tough to pick out gifts for that significant other. I tend to take notes whenever Alice happens to mention she likes something in passing. Otherwise I try to solve problems for her i.e. her iphone or ipod keeps running out of batteries? Just get her a portable rechargeable battery. I know, not very exciting but very useful and cheap.
  • Whew - I'm glad I could help! You are one sweet man, Eli. Your girlfriend is lucky to have a guy like you. :)
  • Awwww, cute post eli. I'm sure she'll love what ever you got her!

    but yea... i think alice has covered all the bases ... Sam are you taking notes? ;)
  • magazine subscription! great idea! i got her a 6 month to an imported japanese mag she likes. Thanks Alice!! that with a couple other things i already got should be perfect =]
  • let's start with your girlfriend - we need more details - what's your budget? we probably can find you a nice clutch. does she like certain brands so we can get an idea of her taste?

    since i am a girl - i can tell you that i love tech toys but i'm also into cheap jewelry, bags/wallets, makeup and books. so i'm all over the place and this may not help you.

    some of the best gifts i've received are books, magazine subscriptions, and dvd sets. nothing like snuggling on the couch with your loved one watching hours of 24, Lost or Entourage straight. i'm also into trying out new restaurants...does this help?
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