What's more likely?

One of my favorite websites The Book of Odds sent a reporter out on the street to ask people "What's More Likely?" between two choices. Contestants were asked several questions, including:* Is it more likely an adult owns a Bible or that a US banknote contains traces of cocaine?* Is it more likely a person attacked by a shark will survive or that a man owns a t-shirt?The results are great.If you are interested in finding out the odds of almost anything in today's modern world you can find it on this website. The Book of Odds.
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  • We just filmed a Boston version of What's More Likely with new questions. It will post soon. Hope you like it as much as the first one and thanks for the post!!

  • wth! who doesn't own a........huh?
  • funny and interesting. nice post!
  • funny, educational and entertaining. i also like that guy with the 'i heart hot moms' t-shirt. he's got balls for what he said on camera. nice post, mark!
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