Cartoons characters are often tangled up in messy situations but what happens when you mix them with classic paintings by world famous artists? Hilarity ensues! Though we couldn't find the person who took on this challenge, he or she has done an impressive job in inserting our favorite cartoon characters into memorable paintings. The result? What would happen when art meets cartoons!

via [Daily Art Cocktail]
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  • i wanted to laugh too haha
  • wow
  • this is so great
  • My pleasure!
  • @Kevin-Thanks for sharing that! :)
  • ooh nice and Creative .Some of them are well coordinated
  • It is from a Worth1000 contest:
  • @Amy-nope. It's unfortunate. I mean, the person deserves credit.
  • Anyone found out who created these yet?
  • Super funny. I just can't help think though that the original artists would be turning in their graves if they saw these.
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