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When Shadows Come Alive (15 pics)

Shadow Dance

Though there's a plethora of amazing shadow photography out there, my favorite ones are where the shadows tell a story. They're the ones where the line is blurred between art and photography where you're not quite sure if the photo has been doctored up. These are the photos where our imaginations run wild, where we believe, for a brief moment, that the shadows come alive.


Silhouettes of Jazz






Watari Goro 渡五郎



First photo by Lyubomir Bukov

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  • Love it! I wish I was as creative as these artists...
  • Our shadows tell more about our desires and worries, than we normally dare, don't they?
  • Gee Alice; I really enjoyed these...Thank you.JPs
  • Great original post! Love it!
This reply was deleted.

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