Where Science, Art and Photography Intersect - Part 2

My Hand with Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, 2010

Going on from now till June 11 at the Michael Mazzeo Gallery in New York is an exciting exhibition from one of our most beloved artists, Caleb Charland. Back in July 2010, we wrote about how Charland makes us believe in magic through his shockingly surreal work. Using everyday objects in new and unexpected ways (and mostly without the help of Photoshop), he makes us eternally curious about the world around us.

The exhibition, called Fathom and Fray, is showing his recent work or 17 prints of both camera and cameraless images.

Here's what The New Yorker just wrote about it:
"Charland says that the photographs in his solo début 'rest in the gap between knowledge and uncertainty,' which helps explain why so many of them look like the results of science experiments, lab accidents, or inspired pranks. The most mysterious of these are cameraless pictures, made by the direct contact of unusual materials (a lit sparkler, unchecked mold) and film or photographic paper, in the style of Marco Breuer. But in others Charland is a phenomenological provocateur—setting off a smoke bomb in the woods, redirecting the beam of a flashlight in a snowstorm, disappearing into a globe of tiny flames from his cigarette lighter—achieving quietly spectacular results."

Of course, the best part about his works is that you can enjoy the image for what it is and then get surprised by reading what it's made of!

Box For Telescope, 2011

Study for Sun with Face Mirror, 2009

Coin Battery, 2010

Globe Dissection, 2011

Black Dots on My Palms Anywhere Lines Cross, Scanned and Inverted to Look Like Stars, 2009

Four Generations of Bacterial Growth on a Picture of Black, 2009

For more of Charland's work, make sure to check out Where Science, Art and Photography Intersect - Part I.

Michael Mazzeo Gallery website

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Comment by sAm on June 6, 2011 at 4:59pm
That coin battery is too cool.

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