Just a little photo set for you today. Hope this has you thinking about 1) how much you love your dog 2) how flying dogs just look so cool 3) that nothing is impossible. My dog Buddy holds a very special place in my heart. Sam and I got him when he was but a wee little puppy. He's now grown into a huge bear, furry and messy, weighing over 110 lbs. I can still imagine him as a young puppy, jumping and skipping around the UCLA campus where we used to take him on midnight walks.

Above Pictures courtesy of Steve Collins Photography


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  • Thank you for including pit bulls!! Some people hate them so much they want them all dead. I have one who was beaten almost to death by a dog fighter like Mike Vick and one who is half Plott hound. They are so loving and funny, even poor Gloria with her serious brain damage. All she wants to do is give kisses. I wish I had a picture of her in mid-air because she runs by leaps, legs flailing to keep her balance and a big grin on her face.
  • lol...these are so Cool!
  • OMG these rule! Dogs rule!
    High speed cameras and high def pics rule!
    Running rules! Outside ruuules!
  • Love those, Alyson! Here are those pics, for everyone's viewing pleasure.

  • Great shots! My two favorite flying dog photos of all time, courtesy of Flickr:
  • awwwww! puppies!!!

    i think my uterus just fluttered...
  • super dog!
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