Call me a kid but I just love this packaging. A sustainable ice cream cup with packaging that turns into a toy, this was designed by JunFei for Nestle. It's basically a sorbet ice cream cup made for 4 flavors: banana, strawberry, mint, mango. Comes with a figure model of the body with spring that lets you peel out and stick the ice cream cup on top of it. After you finish eating the sorbet, change it into a bobblehead figure for your car or home. Too cute!
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  • I want ice cream!
  • woah woah. you got it. please don't get all crazy on me. no need to bring out the gun. :)
  • Who cares about ice cream?
    I CARE about ice cream thank you very much.
    Now bring me some creme brule with roasted unsalted peanuts sprinkled on top.
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