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Your Poodle Looks Like a... (10 photos)

Pittsburgh Steeler

It should be against the law to embarrass your pets like this, but you certainly can't say these poodle owners don't have wild imaginations. Going above and beyond the normal grooming these dogs should usually get, crazy owners transform their poodles into whole different animals and even into sport and movie stars. Here are our top ten pics courtesy of animal photographer Ren Netherland of Clearwater, Florida.








Captain Jack Sparrow

Panda Bear

Ren Netherland's website

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  • i feel bad for those dogs. ... but i'll admit the panda and the camel are kind of cute
  • what happened to the tail on the bison?!! scooter would kill me if I did this to him....
  • The snail looks particularly mortified. Cap't Jack gets my vote!
  • So rad. I cut my cat's fur so he looks like a lion. I leave a ball at the end of his tail too.
  • panda bear is hilarious!
  • Snail or bison gets my vote for the best!
This reply was deleted.

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