All Videos Tagged SILENCE (My Modern Metropolis) - My Modern Metropolis 2014-04-20T05:43:54Z S&G - SOUND OF SILENCE,2012-01-25:2100445:Video:867440 2012-01-25T10:49:15.387Z Eugene <a href=""><br /> <img alt="Thumbnail" height="180" src="*gVEw0Q88yHhsz9JVXfh99SSnnpWQfLtp1zYwCmoRa-SY3Z-Ev3M6Z6iGWwz9s5DvROXNp2R3dcjxTU25B5s/526647184.jpeg?width=240&amp;height=180" width="240"></img><br /> </a> <br></br><a href=""></a><br></br> <a href=""></a><br></br> cut: mojiito<br></br> full video credits: ikonfilm | <a href=""></a><br></br> take a minute and check this out:…<br></br> <a href=""><br /> <img src="*gVEw0Q88yHhsz9JVXfh99SSnnpWQfLtp1zYwCmoRa-SY3Z-Ev3M6Z6iGWwz9s5DvROXNp2R3dcjxTU25B5s/526647184.jpeg?width=240&amp;height=180" width="240" height="180" alt="Thumbnail" /><br /> </a><br /><a href=""></a><br /> <a href=""></a><br /> cut: mojiito<br /> full video credits: ikonfilm | <a href=""></a><br /> take a minute and check this out:<br /> <a href=""></a> - a phone solution for people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment<br /> <br /> via [<a href="" target="_blank&quot;&quot;">Reddit</a>]