We all need to have some sort of creative outlet in order to achieve balance in our lives. This list not only inspires us to be proactive, it gives us real tips so that we can start doing something about it. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the author of this list, but it's probably safe to assume that he or she is busy creating something....somewhere...

via [Today and Tomorrow]
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  • and pay attention to details..I hadn't noticed "Break the Rules "
  • I love how "break the rules" breaks the rules :)
  • some of these are a little weird and some are helpful .. I think 32 is my favorrite . I figure if it's not fun don't do it and if its fun do it again.
  • Good to remember! Thanks for reminding me, really….smb
  • Really handy list, like same like alot #16, and #32
  • Great list, especially like #16, Don't give up.
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