Sparked by a natural curiosity for stunning exteriors, Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves began to document the different window architecture that he came across throughout his travels. His project Windows of the World, presented a vibrant collage of glass panes and architectural detail. Since embarking on this traveling photo project, the artist expanded his portfolio with a project titled Doors of the World—an offshoot of the first successful project, in which he showcases a series of charming front doors. By grouping different locations together, Gonçalves highlights just how much variation there is as one travels from one country to the next and calls attention to the small details that altogether contribute to the face of each city.

Intrigued by the variation in structural style of homes from region to region, Gonçalves collects thousands of compositions that document the places that he stumbles across. His photographic grids are cohesive yet disjointed at the same time, like a giant game of "spot the difference." Flipping through the different locations that Gonçalves has photographed gives a surprisingly clear look at some of the different European architectural styles that lends cities their recognizable beauty.

From standard white frames to vivid paint jobs and aesthetically flamboyant front stoops, Doors of the World is a unique take on a commonplace subject, paying tribute to the smallest details that come together to give each city its distinct character.

Above: Portugal




André Vicente Gonçalves: Website | Facebook | Behance
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