Kinect's Dazzling Infrared Lights Disco

Technology is constantly advancing, to the point where software is able to recognize human motion. The video gaming industry has flourished with this technology and continues to improve upon it with motion-sensitive consoles like the Wii and Xbox 360's peripheral Kinect. While the specifics of these mechanisms' inner workings are beyond my grasp, I understand that light plays a huge role in the Kinect's abilities to function.

The Kinect works as a camera that projects infrared lights to detect movement. These lights, naked to the human eye, are measurable by infrared cameras. Photographer Audrey Penven, equipped with her infrared camera, has managed to capture some stunning images that reveal the thousands of dots of light projected from the Kinect in her series titled Dancing with Invisible Light. The photos, without any insight on the context of the setting and technological setup, looks like a disco dance scene. It is remarkable to think that these tiny beams of light allow a machine to track movement.

Audrey Penven website and Flickr
via [Dark Silence in Suburbia]

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