We were waiting for Banksy to strike again and it looks like he has! Banksy's left his latest mark in San Francisco. This first SF piece is in reference to his stencil in LA that was recently stolen.

His second piece was just spotted in Chinatown and features a doctor examining a heart in “peace & love.” A sign written in Chinese translates to: "Please, before you remove this graffiti, rumors are that police are investigating, please wait until next week or the end of April."

It's great to see Banksy pieces sprouting up in California!

photos via 2cauldrons.
via am
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  • AWESOME.....
  • @Duc -- Great video!

    Did you notice that the Chinese sign was not on the wall in the vid? Someone must have added it later. Maybe the police really are investigating (though I doubt it).
  • @Duc Thanks for the video!!
  • @Duc Thanks for the video! Banky IS the best.
  • Dang, I just got back from SF too. I wish I had known Banksy had left his mark in the city.
  • @Judit Sorry, that's not the twist or turn but nice try! The twist and turn will come in the giveaway posts..stay tuned! I can give you this much...there will be another prize given away today.
  • Is this the twist and turn? Did I win the Banksy book?:)
This reply was deleted.