Playing off the stark contrast present in black and white photography, Hengki Koentjoro shows us our incredible world in a beautifully dramatic way. The Indonesian photographer takes shots both on land and in the sea, uncovering the vast amount of beauty in each space. Koentjoro's photos are not only timeless, they convey a real sense of emotion that all of us can relate to.

Hengki Koentjoro's website
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  • fantastic
  • complexity, Infinite, boundless, intricate, Maker, beauty: so much bigger than self and yet so personal
  • Stunning. These are mind blowing...AWESOME!
  • I'm agree with Stephen!Love these shoots...a perfect black and white and great attention to detail! Nice find, Eugene! ;)
  • Love it, really love it. Very well done……SMB
  • You go to just love B&W, nothing communicates like it. Without the color the viewer has to become involved and fill in the blanks, especially on the emotional level. These are absolutely stunning.
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