Brilliant illustrator Frank Chimero was asked by Newsweek to make twelve illustrations in the style of his clever State series."Statistics can measure only so much," says Newswseek. "To enjoy life's more particular pleasures, move to one of these lucky nations."

Belgium: Best Place to be a Dog Owner

Brazil: Best Place to be Surgically Enhanced

Czech Republic: Best Place for Sex

France: Best Place to Have a Baby

India: Best Place to Fly a Kite

Japan: Best Place to be Old

Mali: Best Music

Malta: Best Weather

Netherlands: Most Gay Friendly

South Africa: Best Place for a Roadtrip

Switzerland: Best Place to be a Rapper

Spain: Best Place to Dine

I must visit Spain!

Frank Chimero
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  • I've always dreamed of visiting india, here's one more reason to go there...Thanks Alice!! ;)
  • I agree with Ryan, these are very impressive! Props for the originality!
  • EUrope mostly... Mmmmm Spa!n... IbizZza... :*
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