Customarily, when an artist constructs a life-sized statue of someone, the intention is to keep the form as solid as possible, to mimic the human physique. However, internationally revered contemporary artist Diana Al-Hadid's piece called "In Mortal Repose" challenges those conventions. The figure is melting on the pedestal she would otherwise be standing atop.

Al-Hadid's work, though usually architectural, has a common theme that revolves around the fragility of man and his creations. Just as buildings deteriorate, so do humans. She exemplifies the coexistence of creation and destruction by creating large-scale, sturdy pieces that are clearly broken down in some way. In this case, a female figure made of bronze and concrete is trickling down the side of her base.

The Syrian-born artist lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and her work is currently exhibited at several galleries around the globe including Nasher Sculpture Center, La Conserva, and Nevada Museum of Art.

Diana Al-Hadid's website

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