Warning: Although fake, these pictures are not for the faint of heart!

Oh yes, Halloween is almost upon us. What does that mean? More posts full of creepy photography and art than any other time of year.

These fifteen photos were carefully selected amongst thousands of horror pictures from Flickr to show you just how creative people can be. We chose only those pictures that gave us that "jump out of your skin" feeling, ones that scared the crap out of us, but in a good way. Like a good old horror movie, these photos make our heart race, our palms sweat and our underwear dirty. Enjoy!

First photo - H E L P by Tywak



Josh Sommers

Slave for Evil - taysonus

Immense - ClickClickBang Photography

Patrick Hoff

Eternal Scream 3 - Josh Sommers

Halloween... ? - Piulet

Redrum - Midnight-digital

blade runner - L☁ka☁tic☁

Zombies ! Run ! - darkpatator

Attack - SaylaMarz

Happy Halloween! - galliano003

R Moul

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  • REally scarrrrry
  • Haha some people just think it's funny because it isn't real life. You don't have to be screwed up to enjoy horror or scaring people :D
  • I don't deny the talent but is it their life or what they dream of?
  • some are real effective, others a bit lame.
  • AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , i scream and say ....Brilliant :-D
  • Creeeeeepy!
  • Yikes, some disturbing talent there!
This reply was deleted.