Kinetic String Sculpture Visualizes Sound

We can hear sound but how does one visually represent it? Artist Daniel Palacios takes a go at visualizing noise with his kinetic sculpture called Waves that consists of a long, sturdy string of rope attached to a turbine on each end. The interactive structure responds to movement in both a visual and an audible manner.

The number of people that are present within the same room and their level of activity and motion directly affects the vigor with which the motors spin. An increase in population and motion results in increasing speeds of the turbines which causes the rope to form different visible shapes. The escalating speed of the twirling rope also prompts a thunderous whirring noise that is hard to miss. Check out the video, below, to get an idea of the different shapes formed and sounds emitted by the structure.

Waves is part of an international group exhibition called Visualizing Sound currently showing at LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre through June 25, 2012.

Daniel Palacios website
via [faith is torment]

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