Humorous Recreations of Unwanted Thrift Store Paintings

New York-based software engineer and artist Dave Pollot spends his free time putting a little life back into old, unwanted paintings found along the shelves of thrift stores or at garage sales. He naturally blends modern elements into mundane portraits and landscapes to create humorous compositions that look as if they were the original.

Pollot uses a skilled technical approach to perfectly match colors and styles to the first artist's techniques. The unexpected scenes feature out-of-place and unrealistic elements like an alien ship sinking in a pond or a TIE fighter from Star Wars flying along a suburban street.

The process is actually a team effort. Pollot's girlfriend, Becca, spends her time seeking out the unloved artworks. And then Pollot, who seems to have a lot of fun with the work in his witty approach to each story, transforms them into the hilarious recreations.

Dave Pollot's website
via [Neatorama]

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