This powerful image by Dimitar Variysky immediately stirs up all kinds of emotions. As a tiny speck of a man stands on the edge of a massive, raging waterfall, the first feeling felt by many viewers is a sense of fear, perhaps of falling or dying. The second emotion would probably be curiosity. After all, why is this man standing on the edge of a seriously dangerous-looking waterfall? Is he nuts? And lastly, depending on your perspective, it would be a sense of triumph or defeat. The optimist would see this image as a man standing tall and surviving the almighty forces of nature, while the pessimist would see it as a last act of desperation from a forsaken man.

Dimitar Variysky on deviantART
via [Sinatra Blue]

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  • I thought photoshopped : )

  • As I first saw this picture I just admired this man and the only thing what came to my mind was how I wanted to be in this place, peaceful surrounded by water and feeling free and hanging on my mind watching down the waterfall in the cool breeze... never ever it came to my mind it could be dangerous. Only after ready the text I realised how far away from reality I was. Great picture!!

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