In this series, entitled The Garden Collection, photographer Emily Blincoe creates unique flower arrangements with a creative twist. We recently enjoyed her Sugar Series and, now, she has applied her orderly technique to a wide array of natural blooms. Each photograph features organized compositions filled with petals, leaves, and stems arranged by hue. Set against the same dark background, the plants and blossoms pop out in clusters of vibrantly similar colors.

With a methodical hand, Blincoe creates visually pleasing work that reveals the inherent beauty of particular objects. By working with plants in this series, she was able to identify a symmetrical order within the intricate shapes and patterns found in nature. Her captivating designs transform ordinary flowers into key elements within complex systems, providing her viewers with the opportunity to inspect the magnificent details found all around us everyday. Collectively, the images produce a rainbow of flowers that will brighten anyone's day!

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  • Wow, Katie Hosmer, I love your eye. I've just been looking at post after post on MMM. I won't say each one is more bewitching than the last, because I didn't care for Grumpy Cat in the Disney cels or the mouse poking his/her head through the cardboard hole, which is just bad art. But Lisa Wood's landscapes are absolutely lovely. I like the wax animals, too, and I lied Robert Moran's 13 (the white pitcher and bowl) and 14 (the gumball machine). The rest of Moran was both a little obvious and just didn't have the beauty that 13 and 14 have. And now this new flower "arrangement" by Emily Blincoe! Any artist would be lucky to have you guys as part of their PR team.

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