Of all the pieces that Banksy recently put up in Utah, I especially love this one spotted outside downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The clever stencil features a graffiti boy praying for forgiveness. "Forgive Us Our Trespassing," it states. As always, the whimsical way he plays with words and images is brilliant!

Banksy's website

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  • Oh and here is the link.
  • In my post below I said that there was a 72 hour policy for graffiti removal and here is an article from The Art News Paper that quotes a city offical backing that up.

    Despite the artist’s quasi-celebrity status, city officials are treating Banksy’s work like any other graffiti and quickly covering it up. “Our official position is that anything that’s put up on public property we’ll have removed within 72 hours,” a city official told the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Hopefully that is factual enough for the angry guy from Utah. If not might I suggest reading your local paper.
  • @iwasframed - that's a great idea. too bad for them.
  • They should have removed the blocks and sold the mural. Could have paid for that whole craptastic building renovation!
  • It's a shame they get rid of his pieces.
  • Here is a shocker: People in Utah don't give a fuck about street art! Their policy is to buff it in 72 hours and that's what has happened. Although I would say this shitty removal job is a much bigger eye sore than the original piece.

  • What's the address? I want to go take a look.
  • Bansky is my hero!!! Inspirational art.
  • @Kay Kay - Didn't even think about that. Wow..Thanks for pointing that out..
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