3D Straw Art Produces Beautiful Multi-Colored Layers

Italian artist Francesca Pasquali uses everyday drinking straws to create amazing three-dimensional art installations. The colorful plastic materials are cut to varying lengths and arranged in patterns that viewers will want to reach out and touch. Collectively, the single little straws form a massive synthetic landscape filled with peaks and valleys.

Pasquali translates her ideas of the natural world with artificial materials that manipulate our expected perceptions of nature. The artist says, "The technique of interlacing [plastic] …makes it live again in the shape of sculpture, which spreads out towards the space around, creating various texturized effects. Observing nature itself, I transfer the essential being of it. The interlacing forms transform the industrial material into soft and sensual shapes."

Francesca Pasquali's website
via [Junk-Culture]

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