Voyeuristically Photographing New York City Apartments

You should consider always keeping your curtains closed if you are neighbors with photographer Gail Albert Halaban! Based in New York, the artist gets to know her neighbors by photographing the unsuspecting subjects through open and exposed apartment windows. At first, the project, Out My Window, seems a little bit invasive, but after reading a bit more, it turns out that she actually stages each photograph in order to evoke a sense of voyeurism.

Albert Halaban says, "The residents are collaborators and their apartments are lit specifically to make these pictures, which explore a defining urban experience: becoming secretly familiar with the neighbors’ most intimate moments." The process of creating the series becomes a performance in and of itself. By ringing the doorbells of strangers and building relationships with her subjects, Albert Halaban is in fact getting to know her neighbors, she just goes about it in a less creepy, stalker-like way than the project initially suggests!

Gail Albert Halaban's website
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Comment by Damienne Bingham on August 14, 2012 at 9:43am

These are fascinating - I'm not sure if I'm more or less impressed because they are staged. She's balanced the exposures really well. Thanks for sharing this, very interesting!


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