Hungarian artist Gyula Várnai uses all kinds of everyday objects to build his installation artwork, where the relationship of the materials and the subject-matter always draw closely off of one another. Now I Know, created for the What's Up? Hungarian Contemporary art exhibit in 2008, utilizes very basic, raw wood to form this massive structure with a visual surprise. The pile spans the width of a room, about 33 feet wide, and stands almost 15 feet high.

To build the piece, Várnai piled logs of different sizes, shapes, and colors into this creative pattern to form the silhouette of a crouching man. When standing close to the pile, or viewing it from a side angle, you may not notice the man's form. Viewers must distance themselves from the piece in order to see the human figure come alive on the surface of the wood.

Gyula Várnai's website
acb Galéria website
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