David Mach is an artist who loves using new and different mediums. We've seen him make an enormous King Kong and a crucifix out of thousands of wire hangers. Now, the artist impresses us once again by using another common household material, the matchstick.

The first part of the process involves designing a form, often done by having a plastic model made from a clay mold. Many of the matches are imported from Japan for their colored heads. Then the task of sticking each matchstick onto the figure begins.

Depicting both real and fictional characters, Mach's sculptures are an array of dynamic looking figures. From Betty Boop, Charlie Chaplin, and even Marilyn Monroe, all of the matchstick art pieces are stunning.

Mach sells some of them at galleries and auctions, but others are destined to be set aflame and burnt down at exhibitions. After all the time spent creating these pieces, I couldn't even imagine setting them on fire!

David Mach's website
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Comment by Claire on December 28, 2011 at 2:27pm

These are cool!


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