Abyss of the Disheartened is an emotional love story by artist Heather Landis. The LA-based photographer and photo illustrator found many unique and creative ways to show the intimate details of a relationship, communicated simply through the motions, gestures, and physical interactions between a man and a woman. Landis' incredible talents for capturing these expressive moments are evident throughout her series, and viewers will find themselves quickly connecting to the various feelings conveyed by the faceless figures.

Through these images, Landis takes us on an emotional roller coaster where we experience the beginning, middle, and end of the couple's developing affair within just a mere few minutes. The visual account begins with the thrill of new love, and gradually evolves into the sorrow and loneliness that often accompany a broken heart. The rich palette of blues and browns, along with the dark, textured background, create an environment of intense emotions. Landis explains, “Before we can fall in love there is careful negotiation. Every gesture conveys many ripples of meaning. In the subconscious dance we are a study in contradictions, weightless but impeded, slow but graceful, we hold our breath.”

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Comment by Marie-Ancolie R on October 5, 2012 at 1:58pm

very powerful in every way


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