Are you as excited about this show as us? Soon, the Museum of Contemporary Art will present Art in the Streets and in doing so will be the FIRST major U.S. museum to examine the history of street art and graffiti. Running from April 17 through August 8, we'll learn how an underground form of expression that begin in the 1970s became what it is today...a major art movement!

Art in the Streets will showcase installations by 50 artists including some of our favorites like Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos and JR. Not only will we find out more about these heavyweights, we'll learn about LA's important role and find out more about the photographers and filmmakers who've documented the scene including people like Terry Richardson and Spike Jonze.

Some of the coolest installations include a Los Angeles version of Street Market, a recreation of an urban street complete with overturned trucks by Todd James, Barry McGee, and Steve Powers. Also, in high-flying style, the exhibition will open with a skate ramp designed by pro-skater Lance Mountain and artist Geoff McFetridge and skate demonstrations by the Nike SB skate team will be held on-site for the duration of the exhibition.

“Art in the Streets will be the first exhibition to position the work of the most influential artists to emerge from street culture in the context of contemporary art history,” said MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch. We can't wait!

Big thanks to MOCA for sending us over these preview pics.

Chaz Bojorquez, Señor Suerte tag with ‘veterano/veterana’ roll calls, Arroyo Seco River, Los Angeles, 1975, photo by Blades Bojorquez

Jos Gallan (Skating on the border with ‘veteranos de Sotel’ observing), 1975, photo by Craig R. StecykII

Chaz running in a backstreet near Whittier Blvd in East Los Angeles, 1974, photo by Gusmano Cesaretti

LEE, Lion’s Den, Lower East Side, New York City, 1980, photo by Martha Cooper

Mister Cartoon, 1963 International Ice Cream Truck, 2010, Urethane enamel candy painted freehand on truck by Mister Ctoons, photo by Estevan Oriol

Wild Style mural by Zephyr, Revolt, Sharp, 1983; front: Doze, Frosty Freeze, Ken Swift; second row: Patti Astor, Fred Brathwaite, Lady Pink; back: Lil Crazy Legs, Revolt and Sharp, directed by Charlie Ahearn, photo by Martha Cooper.

Remember to mark your calendars! Find out more at MOCA.

First photo credit: Os Gemeos, Untitled, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2009, photo by Ignacio Aronovich/LOST ART
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