In his Little People series, French photographer Jean-Joseph Renucci joins the ranks of Slinkachu and Christopher Boffoli in creating fantastic, tiny, whimsical worlds. Like all great miniature artists, Renucci uses props from everyday life and places little people into the creative settings. He then photographs the scenes up close to give the optical illusion of a real life scenario, but from the perspective of a smaller world.

Renucci's clever scenes involve men chopping up a pencil to use for fire wood, firefighters putting out the flames of a pilot light, an iceskater gliding over the surface of a cosmetic cream, and party-goers using the buttons of an ipod as their dance floor. All of his settings are so imaginative, viewers will never get tired of Renucci's domestic adventures!

Jean-Joseph Renucci's website
via [Faith Is Torment]

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