These delicate and dainty porcelain female figurines, entitled The Painted Ladies, have a bit of a modern twist to them. Created by Scotland-based artist Jessica Harrison, each meticulously sculpted form has soft features, pastel gowns, and the glossy skin of a traditional, handcrafted collectible. However, Harrison has altered the viewer's expectations by covering the smooth skin with a series of colorful tattoos.

The artist's work extensively explores the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces of the body and how these two elements coexist. According to her bio, "Harrison proposes a multi-directional and pervasive model of skin as a space in which body and world mingle." Through her imaginative work, Harrison introduces the concept of tattooing, a modification of the skin, and raises questions about if this creative covering affects the internal space of each girl.

Harrison's first solo exhibit, FLASH, opens today at Galerie L.J. in Paris, and will be on display through June 24, 2014.

Jessica Harrison's website
via [Arrested Motion], [Colossal]

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  • I am sorry but she did not "meticulously sculpt" anything. That is a Royal Doulton, the first one is "Rachel" from the year 2000 and is sitting on my shelf sans tattoos. I hope she is not actually getting credit for creating the figurines.

    You can purchase one here without tattoos

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