Beautiful Mandalas Made from Nature by Kathy Klein

Arizona-based artist Kathy Klein uses a variety of organic materials to produce a series of eye-catching mandalas referred to as Danmalas—a portmanteau of the Vedic Sanskrit words "dān" and "mālā" which respectively mean "the giver" and "garland of flowers." Each piece in her ongoing collection boasts a brilliant sense of geometric symmetry and energetic life.

Taking inspiration from traditional Buddhist mandalas, Klein's danmala's use shells, seeds, pine cones, rocks, vegetation, and a diverse supply of flowers (including carnations, daisies, goldenrods, hydrangeas, junipers, marigolds, and tulips) to present a circle of symmetry. After assembling each visually enriching combination, she leaves it out for anyone to come across. There's a meditative repetitiveness to each creation that is both awakening and relaxing for those who discover her work in person. For the rest of us, Klein offers prints and a calendar featuring her beautiful work.

Kathy Klein website
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